Thursday, August 6, 2009

AWAKE..are WE???

The billboards read big and bright

"What does India mean to you?"

With the image of a tricoloured face

You soon find that's a new TV show!!

A chord gets struck somewhere

Why suddenly is India so dear???

And then the realization dawns

Its August..THE DAY is near!!

The saffron-white-green work wonders now..

They are on the desktops, mails and shirts..

SALES 40%..50%..upto 75%..

Independence Day is on the charts!!

Tiny flags on the sleeves and the pockets

Long debates on the past rises and dips..

Its as if the Indian within has awaken

After a series of senseless deep sleeps!

We Indians now need the bright headlines..

To remind the saga of winning back our destiny..

Of the salutations to the spirit of freedom..

The Tricoloured dream that was to be.

Lost in busy times,that moment of divine bliss

Forgotten verses of the united prayer for glory..

Caught in the webs of strategic plans and goals..

In this enlightened dawn..AWAKE…ARE WE???