Friday, February 10, 2012


When we walk through life there are experiences we build and there are experiences which build us. Sometimes we intend to feel what we want to feel and sometimes there are feelings we try to elude. But all the way we grow, we learn.

There are dreams which make us happy; there are nightmares which are scary. There are things we would love to do and there are deeds we never want to be a part of. There are tales we hold dear and there are stories we never want to hear. There are places we tour and enjoy; and there are sites dreaded even in thoughts. There are people we adore; there are people who adore us; there are people who do not adore us and there are people whom we do not adore. The list would go longer..for everything under the sun..there is a feeling held within of hearts. The feelings guide us through the maze of life, we learn to choose the paths. Sometimes what we intend seem not to happen that way. Sometimes pursuit of dreams lead to nightmares. And burdens grow, darkness deepens and grief seems to win.

So..what's the big deal? What's the point of this list? We already know all of this. No new info. And no innovative pointers. Then..?

Just to say..that the difference is made by what lies within. Weakened amidst despair, we often tend to forget that its just the matter of changing the thoughts. What's needed is to step back and choose the brighter path. Yeah..stepping backward in dark alleys is tough but not impossible. The only guide we shall have is our vision of the bright path. and that's what should matter alone. The feelings and thoughts we nurture build the world around us. All elements are the same, just the viewpoint differs from person to person. That's the reason why a mischievous 6 year old at school is a dear little naughty boy at home. When we choose the glad thoughts, the heart grows glad..and then it holds the power to gladden another heart. The mischievous little student hence can grow up into a sincere little angel with his Mother guiding him with love. a happy soul fills others around with gladness. Lets look within and discover the source of happiness we hold. Each one of us..lets walk upon the path of happiness. Its out there..we just need to put forward our happy feet.

This is not an article..just few words I wanted to share with everyone of you. Just wanted to talk to you all. Have a nice life..take care..and be happy! :)

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